Department of Functionalized Natural Materials, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University 大阪大学 産業科学研究所 第2研究分門 自然材料機能化研究分野

Department of Functionalized Natural Materials, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University 大阪大学 産業科学研究所 第2研究分門 自然材料機能化研究分野

Road to group presentation: No plan, no experiments / グループデスカッションへの道。計画無くして、実験なし

2021/2/21 作成

At 4, 2, and 1 week before your presentation, you must submit your presentation materials to your supervisor.
発表の4, 2, 1週間前に、プレゼン資料を指導教官に提出して下さい。

As the below, I will explain what kind of contents you should prepare.
However, I know, you can not understand my message only from the texts. Thus, you should submit some presentation file at 4, 2, and 1 week before your presentation. So, you will receive more concrete advice from me. Don’t worry . You will never get scolded, since you are still student, not yet professional researcher. You will get scolded when you will have not so good presentation without any submission. Which is your favorite?? lol

0. understand “PDCA cycle” by yourself / PDCAサイクル、初耳なら調べて下さい

1. At 4 weeks before, the first submission & discussion: Plan in PDCA / 1カ月前、最初の提出・打ち合わせ:PDCAの「プラン」です。

1-1. No plan, no experiments. At 4 weeks before, you should submit the presentation draft (ver. 0), which describe your plan. And then, let’s discuss with its validity.
計画無くして、結果なし。4週間前に、プランを記載した資料(発表資料ver 0)を用意してください。そして、そのプランの妥当性を打ち合わせましょう。
1-2. Your plan should contain the below and their schedule when they will be finished.
1-2-1. Survey the related knowledge or/and previous articles. Write the keyword for your survey.
1-2-2. Write the materials & methods.
1-2-3. Expected results & their reasonings. When you don’t have any expected results, survey the related articles.
1-2-4. Background & purpose of your experiments.

2. Experiments: Do in PDCA / 実験:PDCAの「DO」です。

You must start the experiments after you understand the purpose, expected results, and schedule in the first discussion. No plan, no experiments.

3. At 2 weeks before, the second submission & discussion: Check in PDCA / 2週間前、2回目の提出・打ち合わせ:PDCAの「チェック」です。

3-1. Submit the presentation draft (ver. 1), based on the ver. 0 & your progress.
3-2. Prepare the presentation draft (ver. 1), considering the presentation story.
3-3. Update the background & purpose, based on your literature survey.
3-4. Experimental results.
3-4-1. Make clear which is “done”, “doing” or “not yet”. Write the expected date for “doing” & “not yet” topics.
3-4-2. Explain your results, comparing with your expected one and/or the related results in the previous articles.

4. At 1 week before, the third submission & discussion: Act in PDCA / 1週間前、3回目の提出・打ち合わせ:PDCAの「アクト・改善」です。

4-1. Update the story, aim & purpose. / ストーリー・背景・目的の改善
4-2. Experimental results (see 3-4). / 実験結果 3-4と同じ
4-3. Improve (KAIZEN) your plan. Progressing your survey & experiments, you must change the 4 weeks before plan. Thus, you describe the change & its schedule.

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